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splash artEvery now and again a photo “happens,” usually when the light is not good. Most of them are not worth keeping, but every now and again…

I’m not sure what caused the image above – I know it was taken in the lounge  with curtains of a mustard yellow colour…

The next one was taken by Terry Dawson in Juliasdale in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

Terry Dawson

The following were taken in Tashinga Camp in Matusadona..


We didn’t really know how to use our camera when we took these…I like the eerie atmosphere the above creates.

I would like to mess about with the image below – add colour or some of those cool tools available for manipulating images. If I do, I’ll post!Art The following was my favourite (until I saw Terry’s above) It’s taken at Tashinga Camp Matusadona National Park very, very early in the morning. The sun hadn’t come up at all. It was that early morning glow only.

Tashinga Camp, Matusadona


Tashinga Camp, Matusadona National Park

Tashinga Camp, Matusadona National Park

Tashinga Camp MatusadonaTashinga Camp

We sat dead still while these impala moved slowly through the camp. Taking the photos with our fujipix camera, I was almost too scared to press the shutter. These photos sat on my laptop for ages and I nearly threw them away because they were crooked – then I discovered I had a facility on my computer that allows me to straighten them!Tashinga Camp-001