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Fairy tree…

Taken directly into the sun – once again, I’m very impressed with the way this camera handles light.
This is very unusual foliage for dry old Matabeleland – a delightfully cool “natures garden.”
I bet the fairies are playing here under their mushrooms!

Dust Roads…


Taken in the Matopos, fairly late in the afternoon, the shadows lengthening.




Mtshelele Dam (above) taken at lunch time, the bright African sun making it difficult to take pics. I hid in the shadow of a tree to get this one!


Silozwe Hill, in the Matopos. (During the Rhodesian Bush war – the SAS used this hill during their selection routine!) The road meanders around gullies and washouts!

I just love the tree near the women.


These two pics are taken at Khami Ruins (30km outside Bulawayo.) The road weaves through large Mkiya Trees for a several hundred metres before one arrives at the ruins.






All taken in the pass climbing the escarpment to Lusulu

Baby baobab tree…

baby baobab treeSeems amazing it could grow up to be THIS:

baobabBoth taken in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe


Gokwe North is a pretty hot place and baobabs LOVE that! Below are a few pics of these giants:

BaobabsThis is taken along a reasonably busy path that links the borehole with the villages – kids play soccer…mums carry water buckets on their heads – sisters carry clothes for washing.BaobabsBaobabsThey remind me a little of elephants! The pachyderms of the tree world…



Some trees, in the Matopos National Park are turning yellow…



As if the top one isn’t yellow enough!


We sure get some ….interesting trees, here in Matopos! Imagine the shock if you saw this fella walking along the road!


When the survey team are doing their thing…I either sit writing (typing on my laptop) or walking around taking photos. I can’t go VERY far, because I’m the designated driver, but since a survey usually takes about two hours, I can have a reasonable ramble in the vicinity…on this occasion, surveying at Nwazi, I saw a TREE…

Spend any time, here at my blog, you won’t miss that I love trees and have hundreds of photos…The survey line crossed perpendicular to a quartzy mound, the hope that we would find water somewhere in that softer material. Of course with water surveying, ‘hope’ being the operative word! Sticking right out at the top…this tree:


I struggled over until it towered over me…

Tree I think humans NEED to look up and see this view – I think its hardwired into our brains – if we cant see this from time to time, that good ol’ ‘reset’ button doesnt get pressed!

I communed for a little under here – I think its old and  has seen plenty…


And eventually hauled my self up and went for a ramble up a hillside opposite. Looking back:


Baobabs in Gwanda…

I don’t remember there being so many baobabs in Gwanda area! Maybe I just noticed because they are shedding their leaves.


Baobabs can grow HUGE! These ones are still babies!


This one, (below) is reasonably big and I like the Mangwe trees (One of the terminalia!!) in the front add a lovely silvery colour to the picture.


This one, (below) is right on the side of the Tuli road…




What a wonderful addition to any playground! I loved climbing trees when I was a kid!

I took this pic in Nswazi in Matabeleland. It was on the side of the road – I couldn’t resist stopping to take a photo.

World’s View

Taking photos at the “To Brave Men” memorial at World’s View in the Matopos, I spied this tree:

World's ViewAnd it sucked me down there…

World's View World's View

So which do I choose? I like all these photos!

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