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Scarce drinking water…

These images were taken at Big Toms, Robins Camp in Hwange National Park. It was very dry and water was drying up all over the park.



I like the arrangement in the above pic.

Zebra, at Big Toms, Hwange National Park


Black and white…




Howz this????? A (well-known) artist, Neil Nicholson saw one of my Zebra photos and decided to painted it! I’m soon to be famous!



Zebra Below is the original taken at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary:Zebra

Many thanks Neil for allowing me to put it on my blog!


Baby Zebra…

Baby Zebra

Zebra at dusk…

These zebra didn’t seem to mind making dust at dusk – Zebra at dusk Zebra at dusk

Looks like fun!


Zebra at dusk

We’d driven from Vereeniging, had a stressful detour into the metropolis to collect last a minute order we had paid for 17 days before!!!! (You can bet they got an old fashioned Zimbabwean wakeup call!) We arrived at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, found the pan and then this….What can I say?Zebra at dusk

Donkeys in pyjamas

Donkeys in pyjamas

ZebraI desperately wanted to have one of these when I was a kid. My pony was a donkey anyway – I was certain I would hardly notice the difference